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movies i'm in I've appeared in numerous well-known Hollywood blockbusters as well as some smaller indie films. See if you can spot me!

Fight ClubVanilla SkyThe River WildPulp FictionCandymanStand By MeSawThe Good SonEdward ScissorhandsThe Hand That Rocks the CradlePassenger 57Eyes Wide ShutThe GodfatherThe Silence of the LambsAmerican BeautyHalloween H20GoodfellasGladiatorSpeedI Know What You Did Last SummerOne Night in ParisTitanicSliverThe RingAmerican GraffitiSigns
original short films Phexanexatrol
Ask your doctor.

Rapping Mr. T Keychain
Shut up, fool!

Mouse in my House
"Casablanca" meets "Stuart Little."

Guess Who: The "Your Friends" Edition!
A twist on the classic board game!

No Country For Superbad Men
MTV Movie Awards 2008 Spoof Finalist

The Totally Terrific Tooth Toolkit!
With teeth up to 5 shades whiter, you'll feel like a new person!

The Text Connection
Wanna chat with hot singles in your area? Just text it today!

Every Black Guy White Guy Buddy Movie Ever
Check out the cliches you know and love! Starring the late and great Harold Hunter!

People & Stuff
My sitcom pilot.

I Say Tomato, You Say Falafel
Can't we all just get along?

Foreign Film Theatre (episode #1)
Turns out foreign films don't always totally suck!

Foreign Film Theatre (episode #2)
"The Bicycle Thief" review.

The Sum of all Beers
Zack's Favorite Drinking Games!

Foreign Film Theatre (episode #3)
"Breathless" movie review!

Celebrity Story Corner
Classic children's stories narrated by today's hottest stars!

Ant Farm
A new reality series - not for the faint of heart!

Foreign Film Theatre (episode #4)
Everyone loves "M"!

Small World
All I did was act in this one. My buds over at the post show did all the hard work.